Unveiling the new super luxurious condominium “AROM WONGAMAT” The new iconic landmark on the last prime beachfront location of Wongamat Beach, Pattaya Starting price 6.2 million baht - Siam Outlook


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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Unveiling the new super luxurious condominium “AROM WONGAMAT” The new iconic landmark on the last prime beachfront location of Wongamat Beach, Pattaya Starting price 6.2 million baht

“AROM WONGAMAT” is an ultimate super luxurious condominium located on the most sought after and last prime location of exclusive Wongamat Beach, Pattaya, Thailand. This project is set to become a new standard of Pattaya real estate market and an enduring legacy for the next generation.

● Visionary developed by Colours Development Company Limited, a joint venture with three top premium real estate developers in Thailand; Apus Development Group, The Urban Property, and Sirisa Group with a total project value of 3,700 million baht, AROM WONGAMAT caters to real demand in the super-luxury residential market.

● Conceived as a unique collaboration of leading Thai architect and designers with world-class achievements, AROM WONGAMAT is a bold new development with great architectural design that will add character and prominence to Pattaya’s most distinguished district under the concept of "Sense The Masterpiece".

● Poised to be the No.1 super luxury condominium in the Eastern Seaboard, AROM WONGAMAT will offer a completely exclusive and elite lifestyle with 319 units on 55-storey residential building with only 7 units on each floor. All units are open to a gorgeous 180° panoramic sea view, and special signature units feature a Sky Jacuzzi on a private balcony and also come with a private elevator. The starting price is 6.2 million baht.

● AROM WONGAMAT is the one and only project with a common area that spreads over 4,820 sqm. offering the best-in-class facilities that provide a feeling of total relaxation from every perspective to deliver the atmosphere of a "Private Island and Leisure Lifestyle ", featuring unique Sky Facilities on the stunning rooftop and Beach Facilities that includes the first Multi-Level Aqua Pool in Pattaya.

Pattaya, Thailand 22 July 2020 - “AROM WONGAMAT”, the ultimate super luxurious condominium on Wongamat beach, Pattaya, has officially launched under the concept of "Sense The Masterpiece" to offer a sensational and truly a prestigious beachfront leisure lifestyle with perfection in all aspects; quality of living, luxury, and sustainability for the future. Located in the last and most expensive freehold beachfront location available at Wongamat Beach, Pattaya, “AROM WONGAMAT” has been developed with a total project value of 3,700 Million Baht and set to become a new iconic landmark and introduce Pattaya to a new world-class standard in the real estate market.

"AROM WONGAMAT" is the masterpiece project of Colours Development, a joint venture between three leading real estate developers; Apus Development Group, The Urban Property, and Sirisa Group. These companies have creatively developed projects in Bangkok and the Eastern seaboard for over 30 years, and now are offering a first of its kind modern masterpiece residential property in Pattaya Beach.
Chalermphon Khoncham, Managing director and co-founder of Colours Development Company Limited., said "Buyers are continuously seeking super luxury and luxury units in Pattaya, but there has been a low supply, especially on the beachfront. Wongamat Beach is perceived as the prime area with the most expensive land prices in Pattaya and the value has been increasing consistently every year. AROM WONGAMAT has been developed on the last and most desirable private beachfront site available to give Pattaya a truly unique masterpiece of super luxury living, a combination of exclusivity and sustainability to fulfill the desires of modern-day lifestyles.”

“AROM WONGAMAT” offers 55 levels of super-luxury condominiums over an area of 3.3 Rai, consisting of 319 luxurious units, each with a focus on privacy. The sizes available are: 1-Bedroom, (37.5-63 sqm), 2-Bedroom (81-87 sqm) and Penthouse units (201-210 sqm), with floor to floor heights 3.2 m - 4 m. All units are open to gorgeous panoramic sea views and special signature units also come with a Sky Jacuzzi (Semi-Pool) on a private balcony. This exclusive living experience offers an unparalleled lifestyle and provides a high standard of facilities in the common area, which is spread over 4,820 sqm. With only 7 units on each floor residents will have the feeling of being on vacation in a private villa. The integrated design coexists in perfect harmony with the intimate natural environment, to provide luxurious living and high-end quality of life. Prices start at 6. 2 million baht.
“AROM WONGAMAT” is located on the last freehold land and prime beachfront location. Sitting on the curved lines of Wongamat Beach, the property offers private and unobstructed direct access to the beach and is only minutes from the glitz and glamour, tourist attractions and premium restaurants in the area.

“AROM WONGAMAT” has been created under the concept “Sense The Masterpiece” with a focus on 4 pillars.

1. Masterpiece of Design

“AROM WONGAMAT” is the only project that has been created by a combination of Thai architects and designers who have won world-class awards in architecture, interior design, and landscape design, providing a masterpiece of pride and a new high-standard in Pattaya. The architecture for this project has been created by Tandem Architects (2001), interior design by PIA Interior and landscape architecture by TROP: Terrains + Open space
Exterior Design: The exterior design elements were inspired by nature to create the shape of the building, with the glass façade replicating the sun reflecting and glistening on water and a flowing wave texture along the reflective steel. The curved lines around the exterior includes layers to create a captivating sense of movement and magic - making you feel like you are floating in the sky over the sea. The building is gorgeous and eye capturing from every angle and perspective.

Interior Design: The interior is the perfect example of “Private Island & Leisure Lifestyle” with residences resplendent with simple and elegant design to convey a sense of pure luxury and tropical modern style. The sophisticated color tone is inspired by the landscape of sandy beaches and the golden sparkling sun reflecting on water to create a feeling of immense relaxation for residents. Every unit also merges harmoniously and functionally into a peaceful living space. In addition, the furniture and fixtures are made from low toxicity fabrics and materials, recycled or harvested sustainably, for an elegant and unique appearance.

Landscape Design: The exquisite garden design is inspired by waves lapping on sand with spherical shapes and water droplets providing a feeling of complete relaxation when entering to the project. There are 100 years old plants and trees in the area, which are supplemented by a variety of native plants.

2. Masterpiece of Living

The composition of design in every unit evokes the ultimate in private living and relaxation for residents. The integrated intelligent functions make you feel like you’re staying at luxury hotel and resort. Every unit delivers panoramic sea views. The 1-bedroom units, which are properly divided into living room, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen space, include a 3 m wide balcony and ceilings up to 3.20 m in height, providing residents with a comfortable space that's greeted by an open sea view. The exclusive 2-bedroom units each have their own private elevator adding yet another standard in exclusivity. Functionality, luxury, and space abound in the penthouse units, each at 200 sqm, with ceilings up to 4 m. They are all equipped and fitted out with renowned global brands, such as Gessi for sanitary ware in the bathroom, and there are large built-in wardrobes. In addition, these signature units offer the special feature of a Sky Jacuzzi (Semi-pool) on the balcony to complete the sheer luxury lifestyle environment.
The project comes complete with first-class services and facilities. Offering an auto parking system, Electric Vehicle Charging Point for electric cars and private elevators for the 2-bedroom units. The common area is surrounded by greenery to further enhance the tropical lifestyle and the Beach Facilities provide the first Multi-Level Aqua Pool in Pattaya, a 2-storey long connected pool with an adult and kids area, a large Onsen Space, Salon, Steam & Sauna, Fitness Room, Yoga Room, Spa & Massage Room, Theater Rooms 1 & 2, and the Colorful Kids Room.
The impressive Sky Facilities offer infinite horizon and panoramic sea views, a 35 m Infinity View Sky Pool, Sky Jacuzzi, and Aqua Cycling & Swim jet, there is also the accompanying Sky Lounge, Private deck,
and Co-Kitchen Space (Sky Cuisine), suitable for party and meeting of families and friends.

3.Masterpiece of Nature

The project is surrounded by lush greenery at gorgeous Wongamat Beach, where integrated design coexists in luxury with nature to create a harmonious paradise of relaxation with sky, sun, wind, and sand on a beautiful beach setting. This is where nature and luxury from a perfect composition. The common area is also surrounded by nature to reflect "Private Island & Leisure Lifestyle" to make people feel relaxed and refreshed wherever they are on the property.

4.Masterpiece of the Future

“AROM WONGAMAT” has been developed as a new iconic landmark in Pattaya, to provide a luxury lifestyle for the future. Both nature and sustainability played a role in the selection of construction materials and design principles, which allows for an environmentally friendly yet luxurious modern design.

Pattaya is a prime location in all aspects for residential living and investment and has been named the world’s best tourism city, with a combination of relaxing beach forefront, shopping malls, and a variety of entertainment options, sports activities, and community-based tourism, located only a few hours from Bangkok.

Identifying the potential of Pattaya City, the government introduced a policy to promote the city as the capital of the eastern region and economic center of the region. Due to it being located in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), it will be developed into a modern industrial investment center with a seamless transportation network, including monorail, marine, and air travel. The city is set to be one of the pilot “Smart City” areas, a factor that will herald a new and exciting chapter for Pattaya city.

The super-luxury residential market is being driven by "Real Demand"

“Another strength point that reinforces “AROM WONGAMAT” is Colours Development Company's inherent understanding of the real estate market and the demand from customers. With over 30 years of experience, we have found that the demand in the super-luxury residential market is mainly driven by "Real Demand", which is the group of customers who want to own a second accommodation for holiday relaxation. Our goal is to develop different concepts for this group of customers and deliver world-class unique designs.

“Pattaya has grown steadily and is continuously developing in all areas and will continue to do so after the Covid-19 situation has passed. Thai and international investors respect that Thailand has a high-standard in public health and it is in the top ranking of worldwide preferences for investment. The government also introduced a policy to drive investment of mega projects in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC). As a result, we believe that the real estate market in Pattaya is in demand for both Thai and international investors, not only buying for relaxation living but also for investment in the future.”

“AROM WONGAMAT” welcomes you to “Sense The Masterpiece” from Colour Development. Currently, we are open for all to experience this ultimate super-luxury development and we believe that our project will get overwhelming attention and admiration from both Thailand and international buyers. In addition, we will absolutely make AROM WONGAMAT to be the most desirable place in 2020.” Mr. Chalermphon said.

“AROM WONGAMAT” Sales Gallery is currently welcoming all visitors and guests at Wongamat Beach. For all enquiry please contact Tel. 097-917-8000, Email: info@coloursdevelopment.com, or visit website www.aromwongamat.com.

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About Colours Development Co.Ltd.,

Colours Development, a joint venture with three local respected major companies in the premium real estate industry in Thailand with experience more than 30 years - Apus Development Group, The Urban Property, and Sirisa Group; all of which have a commitment to elevate real estate in EEC and nationwide to new global standard. Located on the prime beachfront of Wongamat beach, the first project AROM Wongamat is on an area of 3-3-41 Rai, consisting of 55-storey and 319 units available in 1-Bedroom, (37.5-63 sqm), 2-Bedroom (81-87 sqm) and Penthouse units (201-210 sqm) along with first class and 5 -stars facilities and services. All units are open to 180° panoramic sea view. For more information please visit: www.coloursdevelopment.com

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