"CastingAsia invades the market, creating a huge network of creators in Thailand, along with providing influencers and marketing solutions in the Asian market.” - Siam Outlook


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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

"CastingAsia invades the market, creating a huge network of creators in Thailand, along with providing influencers and marketing solutions in the Asian market.”

CastingAsia is a one-stop influencer marketing solution and is one of the market leaders in Thailand to create a huge network of creators. With various solutions available for marketers interested in influencer marketing, as well as providing solutions for influencers in various online and social media including bloggers, celebrities, and net idols. The CastingAsia influencer network and platform comprises of more than 10,000 people in Thailand and more than 35,000 people across Asia. Ranging from nano to celebrity influencers in over 17 markets, the CastingAsia platform is a one-stop solution utilizing AI technology. The platform allows marketers to choose their own budget and set performance-based pricing for campaigns, so convenience and flexibility for running campaigns is definitely a major selling point. It is easy to get started and apply now, and Thailand has the opportunity to generate income at the level of 40-50 million baht per year along with the amount of views increasing by millions every month.

Mr. Kosuke Sogo, CEO and Co-founder of AnyMind Group, shared that CastingAsia is a company under AnyMind Group with a focus on brand empowerment and unlocking the power of influencer marketing through a single one-stop solution. This is all facilitated in an intelligent and safe environment for marketers and formulated with unique algorithms and safety measures to ensure that brands are able to connect with influencers easily and worry-free. CastingAsia was created to deliver insights about marketing and provide opportunities for brands to connect with influencers and gain a competitive marketing advantage through the platform’s cutting-edge technology and AI-driven features. At present, CastingAsia provides a one-stop solution and marketing platform for brands and provides nano to macro influencers through the CastingAsia Marketplace platform. CastingAsia Marketplace uses smart AI technology for choosing the right influencers for campaigns, as well as providing a real-time report dashboard for measuring the results of campaigns. CastingAsia also provides several support and learning resources such as influencer training and development through the incubation program and helping to develop and grow creator’s influence and status through YouTube channel optimization.

Mr. Siwat Vilassakdanont, Global Managing Director of CastingAsia Creators Network, reveals that we have an extensive network of influencers and creators in more than 17 countries across Asia, making it possible to work in a regional format. Marketers can plan the same direction for campaigns in many countries while still maintaining localized content in each country.

CastingAsia has developed an AI or Artificial Intelligence platform that allows marketers to choose influencers to suit the needs of each specific campaign. Since the payments on CastingAsia Marketplace platform are also performance-based, marketers are able to choose specific payment terms and guidelines, offering freedom and flexibility. Nano to macro influencers are also able to join the platform easily and for free, as long as they have over 100 followers on social media. Therefore, as you can see, CastingAsia Marketplace covers the needs for both marketers and influencers.

Mr. Punsak Limwattanayingyong, Executive Director of CastingAsia, added that CastingAsia has a variety of influencer and creator categories such as celebrities, including DJ Petja, DJ Poom, Janchan, NongInter, Paul Phattharapon, and Kluea. Beauty category creators including Nut Nisamanee, various Family and Kids group creators, and Health & Fitness category creators, including Fitjunction and Meji Anoma. As mentioned previously, we have more than 10,000 micro and nano influencers in Thailand and more than 35,000 influencers across Asia.

"Every time we have a problem, we need to find a solution or product to solve those problems in daily life. We often ask around to people or even sometimes people share their experiences with us. KOLs and influencers of various types, whether it's an iconic person or a fan page, they all contribute to and affect the perceptions and decisions of consumers."

At CastingAsia, we have a wide range of teams, both in helping to strengthen influencers and creators to attain more followers and to sell and manage sponsor projects together with various product brands. To offer the best support and services for our clients, we are constantly improving our platform and statistical analysis capabilities to offer the best matching influencers and creators for marketers. To discuss one example, CastingAsia manages and supervises DJ Petja YouTube channel and helped increase views from 500,000 to 7 million views per month, from never having had any monetization from YouTube previously. 

Regarding returns, CastingAsia is monetizing in two primary ways. The first way is the revenue sharing from platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, etc. Influencers and creators in our network will then also in turn receive a portion of the revenue as agreed. The second part is the revenue earned from sponsors whom CastingAsia is selling to.

"At present, the market value of influencers and creators is unclear, but top influencers and creators in Thailand have the opportunity to generate incomes at a level of 40-50 million baht per year. This market also still has a high growth rate and potential because consumers are increasingly paying attention to this type of media." Mr. Punsak stated in conclusion.

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