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Wednesday, December 20, 2023

“Tongwei” Sales Surge in Thriving Thai Solar Market, Debuts “G12R” Series for Ongoing Growth

TW SOLAR, the world's largest manufacturer of crystalline silicon solar cells (Photovoltaic: PV) from China, together with Sunday Solar Supply Co., Ltd., a sole distributor of "Tongwei Solar,” debuts the new G12R series, featuring higher efficiency and module power. The company has announced its plan to fully market solar panels in Thailand in 2024, aligning with the government's policy to promote the use of solar energy in households and the industrial sector. TW SOLAR also foresees Thailand poised to become Southeast Asia's largest solar cell or PV market in the near future.

Mr. Jack Xu, Overseas Technical Service Director at Tongwei Solar Co., Ltd.,
said that, over the past few years, Thailand has emerged as one of the leaders in the PV market in Southeast Asia. According to IHS data, it achieved an installed capacity of 1.26 GW in 2022, accounting for 36% of the market share in the region. With Thailand's commitment to implementing clean energy policies and incentives, the PV installed capacity is expected to reach 2.17 GW in 2023, making it the largest PV market in Southeast Asia. In terms of internal installed capacity structure, the Thai PV market is predominantly distributed, with household usage accounting for less than 1%, while the industrial and commercial installed capacity is as high as 1.85 GW, accounting for 85%.

In 2023, Tongwei Solar made substantial progress in the sales and distribution of solar cells in the Thai market. By establishing long-term and stable strategic alliances with Thai distributors like Sunday Solar Supply Co., Ltd., the partnership provides personalized sales solutions and customized services that cater to the needs of different clients, aiming to further enhance customer satisfaction and market share.

After Tongwei entered the Thai market in the 2nd quarter of 2023, or for more than six months, the company has generated a positive reception among Thai users. This achievement places Tongwei among Thailand's top market leaders, illustrating Thai consumers' confidence. As the world's first PV enterprise on the Fortune Global 500 list, Tongwei Solar boasts a solid foundation in the integrated full-industry chain layout. It has ranked first worldwide in silicon materials and cells for consecutive years, demonstrating leading advantages in core technology. Through rigorous material selection, quality control, and high-level intelligent manufacturing, Tongwei Solar has achieved a leading position in module quality. Furthermore, Tongwei Solar's module business has experienced remarkable growth. In addition to the four existing production bases in Hefei, Yancheng, Jintang, and Nantong, Tongwei Solar is set to commence production at the Shuangliu base by 2025 to boost the overall production capacity to 100 GW. The brand has set a benchmark for high-quality modules and is widely recognized by Thai clients.

Based on positive feedback from customers and the upward trend in the solar cell market in Thailand, Tongwei has decided to launch Tongwei Solar's new N-type TNC modules, the “G12R series”. This flagship product is set to be marketed in Thailand in 2024. (N-type silicon panels undergo a phosphorus doping process, making them efficient electron transmitters when receiving solar energy, resulting in slower deterioration than other panel types.) The G12R modules utilize Tongwei Solar's TNC high-efficiency cell technology, achieving a mass production efficiency of 26.1%. They also incorporate super multi-busbar design, lossless laser cutting, high-density packaging, and other technologies to reduce the risk of subfissure and increase efficiency. In terms of design, G12R is optimized based on the traditional 182 series. Considering the mainstream transportation modes, it maximizes the container utilization rate and reduces transportation costs. With a boost in the power output, the integrated cost is reduced, and system yields are enhanced. Utilizing high-quality silicon and temperature-resistant flexibility that prevents the occurrence of small cracks, the Tongwei PV product is an ideal choice for Thailand's hot climate and is expected to meet diverse PV needs in households, commercial, and industrial sectors.

Mr. Frank Yan, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Sunday Solar Supply Co., Ltd., an importer, distributor, and installation service provider of solar cell equipment, which is the sole distributor of "Tongwei Solar" in Thailand, stated, "In 2023, Tongwei's customers in the Thai market primarily include households, industries, commerce, and large ground power plants. Based on the recent market overview, the product has garnered a positive reception among Thai customers. The company anticipates selling a minimum of 500 MW of solar cells by 2024, projecting an income exceeding 5,000 million baht within the next three years."

According to IHS data, Thailand has entered the gigawatt-level market since 2022, experiencing an average annual increase of around 2 GW in PV installed capacity from 2023 to 2030. This trend signifies a steady overall market growth. Currently, as many global PV companies continue to enter the scene, the competition within the Thai PV market is expected to intensify in the coming years. Beyond price, appearance, and product quality, the key competitive factors will include conversion efficiency and technological breakthroughs.

For the upcoming year's marketing strategy, Tongwei and Sunday Solar Supply will continue collaborating to strengthen their presence in the Thai market. The goal is to provide more convenient and efficient energy services for industrial, commercial, and household customers. In 2024, Tongwei plans to expand into the Thai market, specifically focusing on digital media marketing to showcase the brand's appeal in various formats. Additionally, Tongwei will closely monitor ground-based power plant projects in Thailand, supporting the country's electrical power system and fostering the growth of local renewable energy.

For those interested in high-quality solar module products from TW Solar, please contact Sunday Solar Supply Co., Ltd. at Tel: 088 071 1888 or find additional details on Facebook: SundaySolarSupply and www.sundaysolar.io. Large business customers can make direct inquiries to Mr. Waiwit Uthaichalerm at Tel: 097 785 8888.


TW (Tongwei) Solar has deeply engaged in the R&D, manufacturing, and promotion of core solar power generation products and has become the world's largest manufacturer of crystalline silicon solar cell and high-efficiency modules with the most advanced technology, production equipment, and the highest level of automation and intelligence in the PV industry. TW (Tongwei) Solar has formed a series of fully-flexible, zero-lead, eco-friendly shingled modules and high-efficiency half-cell modules that bring less LCOE (Levelized Cost Of Electricity) for customers at terminal power stations and cover the diverse needs of global customers. With over 20,000 employees on its payroll, TW (Tongwei) Solar now has six bases in Hefei, Shuangliu, Meishan, Jintang, Yancheng, Nantong, and the Tonghe project, with an annual cell capacity of 70GW of which large-size cell capacity will account for more than 90%. By the end of the 2023, the module capacity is expected to reach 80GW.


Sunday Solar Supply Co., Ltd. is a premier importer and distributor of a wide range of solar cell products. The company offers an extensive selection of high-quality solar rooftop equipment, including solar panels, inverters, PV combiner/DC boxes, string monitors, cables, and mounting equipment. Additionally, Sunday Solar provides various lighting solutions, such as spotlights, streetlights, decorative lights, and solar-powered water pumps. The company also provides expert advice on installing solar rooftop systems on factory roofs, whether for powering the factory or selling excess energy. Moreover, the company offers guidance on factory tax refund benefits (BOI) to support the adoption of solar energy following government policies.

Committed to becoming a leading sustainable energy solutions provider in Thailand and Southeast Asia, Sunday Solar Supply Co., Ltd. partnered with Tongwei Solar in early 2023 to bring introduce Tongwei solar products to the Thai market with the strength of "high-efficiency materials Produced by Tongwei”. In addition to maintaining business relationships with leading domestic customers, the company also plans to set up more than 70 Tongwei brand stores in Thailand. The company also aims to apply Tongwei's advanced power technology to build the domestic PV ecosystem and develop new energy markets in Thailand and Southeast Asia.

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