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Monday, March 11, 2019

“Coca-Cola” leveraging powerful consumer insights Launches “Open Your Heart, Get Closer” campaign To inspire new cultural value

Coca-Cola invites Thais to open their hearts to loved ones, fostering closer relationships through heartwarming TV commercial, derived from real Thai consumer insights
Unveils rising superstar and teen heartthrob “James” Teradon Supapunpinyo and “Nont” Tanont Chumroen, to deliver the campaigns message and theme song ‘True Colors’
Partners with Google to activate ‘Open Heart Zone’ using technology to turn awkward conversations into fun and easy moments.

11 March 2019, CentralWorld Bangkok; The Coca-Cola system in Thailand, comprising ThaiNamthip Company Limited, Haad Thip (Public) Company Limited and Coca-Cola (Thailand) Limited, the manufacturer and distributor ‘Coca-Cola’, officially launched its summer campaign “Open Your Heart, Get Closer” which was derived from real Thai consumers’ insights. The campaign hopes to inspire Thai people to be upfront with their feelings in fostering closer relationships with loved ones. The event unveiled onstage two superstars, ‘James Teradon Supapunpinyo’ as the brand’s new presenter and ‘Nont Tanont Chumroen’ as the performer of the campaign’s theme song ‘True Colors’. The campaign was also formed through a partnership with Google, creating an integrated offline-to-online experience via the nationwide ‘Open Heart Zone’ activation, to affirm                  Coca-Cola’s position as the true leader in sparkling beverages in Thailand.

Mr. Carlos Diaz-Rigby, General Manager, Coca-Cola (Thailand) Limited said “The ‘Open Your Heart, Get Closer’ campaign was conceived through a series of in-depth research with Thai consumers conducted by ‘Coca-Cola’, in partnership with Google and several interviews with experts which suggested that a major section of the Thai population, especially teenagers, are afraid to speak their minds openly with parents, friends  and loved ones, fearing that the candor may adversely affect their relationships and lead to unwanted disapproval. With this very reason, ‘Coca-Cola’, as a global brand which values close relationships and encourages social acceptance for more than 132 years, decided to raise the awareness of this issue through a heartwarming TV commercial, depicting 3 relationships; one between a father and his daughter; a mother and her son; and a couple, which has been aired since late February and very well received”.

In order to deepen the message of this TV commercial, ‘Coca-Cola’ handpicked vocal sensation and teen-crowd favorite ‘Nont Tanont Chumroen’ to deliver, in his own style, the campaign’s official theme song which is a cover version of ‘True Colors’. The timeless song’s beautiful lyrics lay deep in the message of opening up and being true to oneself with others, especially loved ones, which is the core theme of this campaign. Furthermore, Coca-Cola also chose ‘James Teradon Supapunpinyo’ as the brand ambassador for this campaign. The event saw James and his father share a real-life experience of a once frosty relationship between the two that led them to being incommunicado for almost a year. However, once both managed to open up, attempting to understand and accept each other’s point of view, the tension slowly defused, eventually leading to both becoming closer to each other than ever before.

Aside from the emotional TV commercial, ‘Coca-Cola’ also launched an innovative can set of four so-called ‘Thermal Cans’.  When subjected to temperature of 8 degrees Celsius or below, the white Coca-Cola logo on the can will change into various shades of colors.  Additionally, the campaign will be supported with a “Light & Sound” visual performance on the Panoramix LED Screen outside CentralWorld which leverages latest technology to best curate the essence of this campaign to the extent that no other brands have done before. Those interested may witness this visual and audio extravaganza at CentralWorld from March 7 until the end of 2019.

To enable closer relationships in an easy and fun way, Coca-Cola partnered with Google to create ‘Open Heart Zone’ which is operated through a ‘smart’ Coca-Cola cooler that can interact with consumers real-time.  Namely, consumers can ask the cooler for ideas on how to best reveal their true feeling with loved ones. The cooler will then give them an idea which can be turned into an e-card viewable via QR Code printed on a Coke can. This ‘Open Heart Zone’ will be activated both in Bangkok and other major cities. Consumers can also participate in a sales promotion scheme through under-the-cap codes and stand a chance to win weekly prizes through the official Coca-Cola LINE account. For more information, please follow the Hashtag: #ยิ่งเปิดใจยิ่งใกล้กัน #โซนเปิดใจ and www.facebook.com/cocacolaTH

According to The Neilsen Company Thailand’s Retail Index, Coca-Cola was the number one best-selling sparkling beverage with 35% market share of the 50-billion-baht sparkling market value in  2018 which grew from that of 2017 by 1.74%.  In addition, Coca-Cola has just recently been named   Thailand’s Most Admired Brand for sparkling beverage for 2019 as announced by BrandAge Magazine – a position it has enjoyed for 19 consecutive years.


The Coca-Cola system in Thailand consists of Coca-Cola (Thailand) Limited as the brand proprietor responsible for marketing activities, and its two local bottling partners – ThaiNamthip Ltd responsible for 63 provinces around Thailand, and HaadThip Public Company Ltd serving 14 southern provinces.
The Coca-Cola system in Thailand is the nationwide market leader for non-alcoholic beverages. In addition to Coca-Cola, the most valuable brand in the world, the Coca-Cola system’s portfolio of beverages in Thailand includes Coke Original, Coke No Sugar, Coke Light, Coke Plus Coffee, Fanta, Sprite, Schweppes, A&W Root Beer, Minute Maid Splash, Minute Maid Pulpy, Minute Maid Vita Kids, Minute Maid Orange Fiber, Minute Maid Honey Lemon, Namthip, Aquarius Grapefruit, Aquarius Citrus and Zico Coconut Water.

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