ITOPPLUS invited 500 entrepreneurs to join “Mission to Google Automation Platform” pilot project using AUTODIGI and learn Google Ad technics free for 1 year - Siam Outlook


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Thursday, April 18, 2019

ITOPPLUS invited 500 entrepreneurs to join “Mission to Google Automation Platform” pilot project using AUTODIGI and learn Google Ad technics free for 1 year

ITOPPLUS Company Limited, a comprehensive total online marketing service provider and the official Google Premiere Partner or official Google AdWords service representative revealed that digital marketing trend is changing. According to Google's data, many businesses are turning to do digital marketing by themselves using more Marketing Automation Platforms. Referring to the Digital Advertising Association in 2018, total digital media value were over 17,000 million baht, more than 36% growth. Online marketing without using digital agency services is anticipated to grow more steadily. Marketing Automation platforms from other countries are still not fit for Thai businesses. ITOPPLUS has initiated AUTODIGI, the Thailand's first digital marketing automation platform through the "Mission to Google Automation Platform" project inviting 500 entrepreneurs to join the pilot projects and be part of the platform development. Moreover, participants will be eligible to attend free courses on digital marketing technics and get free consultant from ITOPPLUS team. ITOPPLUS aims to develop AUTODIGI to be the best platform to enhance Thai businesses and to strengthen their capabilities to do better and more effective advertisement on Google for competitiveness in digital age.

Mr. Kampol Tanapanyaworakhun, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of ITOPPLUS Co., Ltd. revealed that from the statistics of Thailand Digital Advertising Association, digital marketing in 2018 valued approximately 17,000 million baht, growing 36% from last year and still growing continuously, not less than 20% over the next 3-5 years. From a global trend, there is a business group which turned to do digital marketing by themselves more; therefore, digital marketing automation platforms have been growing continuously. According to the which is a media research website has projected that the market value of marketing automation platforms worldwide in 2019 will be 5.5 billion US dollars or 1.7 hundred million baht.

"From such the trend, we believe that marketing through automation will become the future of marketing in the new era and foresee that marketing automation platforms will be more developed in many countries. The marketing automation platform will become a tool to serve demand of enterprises in Thailand to enhance their capabilities more. We have tried to study platforms in various countries; however, we found out that the existing platforms are still unable to serve Thai entrepreneur needs. We; therefore, initiates an idea to develop an online marketing automation platform specifically for Thai entrepreneurs with the goal to be the most effective and easiest marketing tool," said Mr. Kampol.

Mr. Kampol added that from the concept, ITOPPLUS has developed its owned prototype of Marketing Automation Platform under the name "AUTODIGI", a marketing automation platform that user can use easily --analyzing marketing campaigns, adjusting the campaign, and providing effective marketing results. In addition, the platform gives high data security as the system well encrypts every single client. AUTODIGI focuses on providing services to the segment that wants to do digital market by themselves but still lack of technical knowledge and lack of personal with adequate technical knowledge and competency.

In order to completely develop the AUTODIGI platform to well serve and truly enhance the potential of Thai entrepreneurs, the company has initiated the "Mission to Google Automation Platform" project by inviting 500 entrepreneurs and marketers with their existing websites and marketing implementation through Google from 33 business groups including Accommodation & Hospitality, Agriculture, Automotive, Bakery, Construction, Cosmetics & Beauty, Fashion, Food & Drink, Food Supplements, Healthcare and Hospital Services, Home Appliances, Home Decoration/interior, Home/Office supply, Industrial Assets, Industrial Parts/Tools/Raw Materials, Packaging, Personal Assist/Lawyer services such as Visa, fortune teller, accountant, Pest Control, Pet, Pet Supply, Printing & Design, Real Estate, School, Personal Trainer, Security, Souvenir, Spa, State Agency, Technology, Travel & Travel Services, Wedding & Jewelry, Whole Sale, General Service, and Chemical to use AUTODIGI free of charge for a period of 12 months or 1 year. Interested entrepreneurs can apply to join the project from today until the project gets total of 500 applicants. Apply to join the project via ITOPPLUS Call center 02 029 1200 or Line@ITOPPLUS.

Moreover, participants in the “Mission to Google Automation Platform” project will receive special privileges including participating in seminars on various topics related to methods and techniques for making Google ads such as Google Insight --Google advertising campaign deep analysis for Google advertising campaign adjustment resulting effective outcome, new techniques and new features that will make Google ads better, consulting from ITOPPLUS quality team to provide one-on-one pro-active consultancy, technical support by ITOPPLUS to teach various techniques such as Google Tag Manager (GTM), Conversion Tracking, Goal Setting, etc.

“ITOPPLUS is determined to be the important part in providing knowledge and increasing the potential of Thai businesses to be able to advertise through Google with efficiency and effectiveness by optimizing advertising budget management to get more feedback through the right measurement. Moreover, we want to help Thai businesses to prepare and develop their teams in order to support marketing works that will expand in the future. Using Marketing Automation Platform is a business advantage getting ready to enter into the Digital Marketing Platform era ahead. ITOPPLUS aimed at gathering the requirement of platform users participating the project and taking all requirement to further develop the platform in order to make AUTODIGI to be the No.1 marketing automation platform in all Thai business sectors in next 2 years,” concluded Mr. Kampol.

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