Japanese Custard Cream Apple Pie ‘RAPL’ Opens the First Store in Thailand The Freshly Baked of 144 Layered Pie at Siam Center Department Store - Siam Outlook


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Saturday, April 13, 2019

Japanese Custard Cream Apple Pie ‘RAPL’ Opens the First Store in Thailand The Freshly Baked of 144 Layered Pie at Siam Center Department Store

Bangkok, 5 April 2019: BAKE Cheese Tart (Thailand) Co., Ltd., an importer of global famous cheese tart, is now ready to serve the newly taste of happiness through "RAPL", the first store in Thailand. An original custard cream apple pie from Japan that is famous worldwide, is now available for Thais to enjoy the tantalizing aroma of freshly baked and the premium delicious treats at M Floor, Siam Center Department Store.

RAPL is a famous custard cream apple pie specialty store known as RINGO in Japan. It is already known as a dessert spot to be visited whenever traveling in Japan on Thai SNS with unique products and store interior as compared with other brand. RINGO currently operates 11 stores in Japan including Tokyo Shinjuku and Ikebukuro flagship store that are well-known among Thai consumers when visit Japan.

The three principles of RAPL deliciousness include “the finest ingredients”, “time and effort” and “freshly baked and served”, which are at the forefront of RAPL mind as it bakes every pie to perfection. Starting from selecting the finest ingredients such as pie that are delivered from Hokkaido, a specially made with fresh butter and placed in 144 layers, the ideal number of layers to achieve the perfect crispy texture. Together with a combination between the best quality of fresh apple from a great farm in Japan such as Aomori, and the freshly made custard cream we produce in store, to provide even greater taste.

Thailand "RAPL" will also be operated with the concept of ‘Built-in factory style shop’ like Japan. It features that you can enjoy freshly baked custard cream apple pie with double-baking method, first bake up pie from Hokkaido, then inject fresh custard cream into pie, and bake up again in order to make custard cream melty and creamy to make best harmony with apple filling. These to assure that Thai consumers will get the same original taste as in Japan.

BAKE Cheese Tart Thailand Co., Ltd. lead by Willie McIntosh and the executives, launches the first store of RAPL in Thailand on 5 April, 2019 at M Floor, Siam Center Department Store. With an honored from press and celebrities such as Charebelle-Lanlalin Tejasa Weckx and JunJi-JunJera Junpitakchai, the first group who join and experience the delicious taste of RAPL. RAPL also pulled the Grab Apple Get RAPL as a highlight activity for guests to grab an apple from a big tree to exchange to RAPL apple pie at the shop. Yet to enjoy the calligraphy as a gift souvenir by calligrapher from Write with love.

Do not missed! Especially RAPL fans and desserts lover, we surely guarantee if you come and try the original of freshly baked custard cream apple pies from Japan, you will be passionate and addicted to taste of happiness. RAPL Custard cream apple pie is now available in single piece 125 baht, and 1 box (including 4 pieces) special price at 480 baht. At RAPL, M Floor, Siam Center Department Store from 10:00-22:00 hrs. everyday.


About RAPL

RAPL (Japanese brand name: RINGO) is a specialty store that offers “freshly baked custard apple pies” from Japan. Every pie we serve is baked in our built-in factory style shop so that each and every one of our customers can enjoy a freshly baked custard cream apple pie at any time. Our delicious treats are the result of expert pâtissiers over 30 years to create the perfect apple pie. Every single pie is lovingly baked to perfection right there in our store. RAPL is a place where we share ‘Crafted Goodness for All’.

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