Protomate: Thai Hardware-AI Startup Unveils Revolutionary Smart Helmet with 360-Degree Camera Integration and AI Technology — Showcasing Thailand's Global Innovation Prowess - Siam Outlook


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Thursday, November 9, 2023

Protomate: Thai Hardware-AI Startup Unveils Revolutionary Smart Helmet with 360-Degree Camera Integration and AI Technology — Showcasing Thailand's Global Innovation Prowess

Bangkok (November 6, 2023) – Protomate Company Limited
, a pioneering Thai startup in the Smart Electronics and Smart Mobility sector, has launched the UltraFusion-X1 Smart Motorcycle Helmet. This innovative helmet is set to revolutionize motorcycle riding experience by integrating a digital lifestyle with enhanced safety. Marking a world first, the helmet incorporates a comprehensive suite of state-of-the-art sensors, including an Advanced Quad Camera System with 360-degree coverage that records in high resolution. It features sensors capable of precise movement measurement during rides, with a 3-DOF Accelerometer and a 3-DOF Gyroscope for three-axis acceleration and angular velocity, and GPS for accurate location and route tracking. Riders can ride with confidence thanks to the AI-Blindspot Warning system, which leverages Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision for effective Blind Spot Detection and safety alerts. Protomate has also developed a proprietary hardware motherboard for advanced AI processing. Additionally, there is a user-friendly Mobile Application for helmet operation control, with software updates that enhance features and enrich user experiences. The helmet meets stringent safety standards, certified both domestically and internationally with TIS 369-2014 and ECER 22.05. It also adopts a world-leading Solid State Battery technology, offering higher impact resistance than traditional batteries. The helmet's shell is crafted from carbon fiber composite, ensuring strength, durability, and a sleek design. The helmet is designed to complement various motorcycle styles, including Racing, Touring, Naked, Power Scooter, or Classic. Protomate is launching two models in Thailand as the initial market: the UltraFusion-X1 with four cameras and the UltraFusion-M1 with two cameras. Pre-orders are now available at special pricing, with Complimentary Packages and Services for the first 200 Founder Limited Editions.

Protomate Company Limited is committed to innovating solutions that address critical social issues in Thailand, particularly the urgent problem of road safety and accidents. As highlighted by the World Health Organization, Thailand had the world's ninth-highest number of road accident fatalities in 2018, with the majority involving motorcycle riders. Recognizing this grave issue and the opportunity for change, our company aims to drive innovation that contributes to lowering the accident fatality rate. We believe that providing riders with helmets that not only meet safety standards but also incorporate advanced technology and conveniences—such as driving assistance and accident warning systems, along with a video capture system that eliminates blind spots—will enhance the riding experience. More importantly, it will encourage more riders to consistently wear helmets, which we anticipate will have a substantial positive effect on road safety,” explained Kan Kanchanapas, CEO and co-founder of Protomate, while discussing the inspiration behind the design of the smart motorcycle helmet.

“The smart motorcycle helectronics to a competitive international level. It represents an ideal synergy of industrial design, hardware, and software—a rarity in the startup landscape, especially in the realm of tangible hardware products within Thailand and ASEAN. I am hopeful that our endeavors will foster a collaborative atmosphere in the industry, inspiring collective efforts towards innovation that effectively addresses social challenges,”
stated Wiwat Wuwong, Chief Business Development Officer and Co-Founder of Protomate.

Introducing an unparalleled innovation: The world’s first-ever smart helmet of its kind.

A groundbreaking innovation, the UltraFusion-X1 Helmet is the world's first to integrate four cameras, offering riders a panoramic recording capability. This smart helmet not only captures images and videos from every angle but also features an artificial intelligence system that provides blind spot warnings while driving. Designed with the vision to enhance the riding experience, the helmet supports high-definition recording at 4K 60/30 FPS and boasts up to 12 million pixels for exceptional clarity in any light. It harnesses AI technology for comprehensive data gathering, including movement measurement (via Accelerometer & Gyroscope) and precise location tracking (GPS), empowering riders to refine their skills with accurate information.

Elevating safety through groundbreaking innovation.

The UltraFusion-X1 and UltraFusion-M1 are electronic products crafted with utmost priority on safety. Our research and development team has collaborated closely with helmet standard testing teams both domestically and internationally. These efforts have culminated in our products surpassing the ECER22.05 certification standards, bolstering consumer confidence to new heights. In both models, the company employs solid-state battery technology—a cutting-edge innovation prevalent in the aerospace and automotive industries—to significantly enhance safety compared to existing technologies.

Meeting All Your Driving and Road Use Needs.

The product research and development team has meticulously designed a product that caters to every facet of the driving lifestyle, encompassing the Sport Racing, Touring, and Sport Touring lines. The UltraFusion-M1 model offers users the ability to customize video clarity through the Protomate Mobile Application, which features six distinct video modes. Additionally, the app allows for convenient retrospective viewing of photos and videos on a mobile phone. For on-the-go adjustments, drivers can utilize the Protomate Remote Control to seamlessly switch image and video recording on or off as needed. The camera system is equipped with video stabilization technology, enabling sharp image capture under any travel conditions. The helmet also includes a built-in microphone system for clear communication, free from ambient noise. Both Android and iOS mobile phones can connect wirelessly to the helmet via WIFI. Detailed specifications for both models are provided below.

Exclusively for the launch of our new Founder's Limited Edition, the first 200 ticket holders will receive Complimentary Packages and Services. This includes providing comprehensive service to our customers, as detailed below:

● Unique Serial Numbers

● An exclusive invitation to join the Protomate Riding Club

● Special Premium Packaging designed to double as a hat display stand

● Option to select the color of Alcantara leather for the UltraFusion-X1 padding Personalized hat fitting service tailored to your individual facial structure

● One-year product warranty, excluding accidental damage Complimentary after-sales support (PTM Care Support) for one year

● Free domestic delivery service

● Consultations on Software Updates, including tailored advice for product utilization

The company is offering an introductory price and is ready to pre-order at a special price for the Founder Limited Edition (first 200 tickets only) namely UltraFusion-X1 priced at 54,900 baht (from the full price of 84,900 baht) and UltraFusion-M1. Price 39,900 baht (from the full price 62,900) The first delivery will be at the end of March 2024 onwards. For those interested, you can experience the smart motorcycle helmet at See product details and other details at the website. and the company's Facebook

The company is introducing a special introductory offer for the first 200 tickets of the Founder's Limited Edition. The UltraFusion-X1 is available for pre-order at the promotional price of 54,900 baht, discounted from the original price of 84,900 baht. Additionally, the UltraFusion-M1 is offered at 39,900 baht, down from 62,900 baht. Deliveries are scheduled to begin at the end of March 2024. Interested customers can explore the smart motorcycle helmet at For more product information and additional details, please visit and the company's Facebook page.


About Protomate Company Limited

Protomate Company Limited, a Thai researcher and developer of hardware and AI technology, has applied advanced technology to develop electronic products and various innovations, especially in the area of Consumer Electronics in the Smart Eletronics and Smart Mobility industries, by presenting helmet products. Industry's first smart motorcycle helmet video recording system with 4 cameras This is in line with the business plan of Orzon Ventures to create lifestyle products and services for customers, including new experiences for the Smart Mobility industry.

Protomate Company Limited, a Thai firm specializing in hardware and AI technology research and development, has advanced technology to create a range of electronic products and innovations, particularly within the Consumer Electronics sector in Smart Electronics and Smart Mobility industries. The company has introduced the industry's first smart motorcycle helmet equipped with a four-camera video recording system. This innovation aligns with Orzon Ventures' business strategy to craft lifestyle products and services that offer novel experiences in the Smart Mobility industry.

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