Siam Kubota Corporation becomes the first pioneer in SEA to migrate their Dealer Management System to Cloud system using Proaxia VSS and S/4 Hana - Siam Outlook


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Friday, February 9, 2024

Siam Kubota Corporation becomes the first pioneer in SEA to migrate their Dealer Management System to Cloud system using Proaxia VSS and S/4 Hana

Siam Kubota Corporation becomes
the first pioneer in SEA to migrate
their Dealer Management System to
Cloud system using
Proaxia VSS and S/4 Hana
Offers seamless services across authorized dealers
through digital transformation to maintain its number one position in the market.

Undoubtedly, organizational development now hinges significantly on digital transformation. The concept of digital transformation (DX) has shed its former perception as something distant and hard to grasp in the corporate and business landscape, especially since the onset of the pandemic. Numerous organizations, including the 45-year-old agricultural machinery brand Siam Kubota, have embarked on their digital transformation journey. Commencing in 2019, Siam Kubota initiated a business process reengineering, targeting their Dealer Management System or KADS (Kubota authorized dealers' system) and fostering enhanced collaboration with authorized dealers. This initiative aims to provide quicker and more efficient services through the adoption of a cloud system and the implementation of Proaxia VSS and S/4 Hana. By 2023, Siam Kubota Corporation (SKC) achieved the distinction of being the first organization in Southeast Asia to successfully execute this transformative shift.

Mr. Methee Srisupandit, the Digital Technology Division Manager of Siam Kubota Corporation
, reflected on the company's proactive approach to adapting and enhancing its performance despite already holding the number one position in the market. Transitioning from traditional offline or on-premises operations, Siam Kubota actively sought new technologies in the market to further elevate its performance, with a primary focus on authorized dealer management. “In 2019, we initiated the search for a new Dealer Management System (DMS) or our KADS, guided and supervised by ABeam Consulting (Thailand). Since then, we have witnessed a gradual and successful transformation in terms of business processes reengineering and improvement, long-term planning, technology study results, as well as implementation and go-live phases.”

“Our focus has shifted toward implementing comprehensive changes since 2019. Over the past four years, we have dedicated efforts to enhance internal performance. The decision to overhaul KADS and adopt a cloud system stemmed from our goal to enhance speed and efficiency in collaboration with dealers. Recognizing our non-tech background, we sought expertise and guidance from ABeam Consulting (Thailand), an experienced and well-known consulting company in this area. The cloud solution has significantly improved our KADS, fostering speed and productivity and alleviating various complications and burdens.”

“The decision was indeed correct. This transformation was necessary, and we applied the "Kaizen" philosophy, emphasizing continuous change and evolution. During the trial run in actual scenarios, we encountered minimal issues as complications and limitations were addressed along the way. We don't intend to halt our progress, especially with regard to other end-user technologies that will further enhance our business in the future, such as applications and self-service features. “

Reflecting on Siam Kubota Corporation's recent digital transformation, Miss Rutchaneewan Panbutr, the Customer Success System Department Manager of Siam Kubota Corporation, emphasizes that the focus extended beyond KADS to encompass the entire system. "We initiated the transformation with the dealer system, as it serves as the cornerstone for our sales and service offerings, allowing for significant and rapid changes in this crucial area. Being the first in the industry to make this move posed a challenge. As the first adopter of Proaxia VSS and S/4 Hana on the cloud system, we acknowledged the associated risks but also recognized the opportunities and rewards that awaited us. Despite the challenges, our organization had a clear goal, and this decision became a source of pride as we emerged as the inaugural success story in Southeast Asia."

Siam Kubota has consistently maintained a clear sense of direction and purpose. “Our objectives are well-defined, and we ensure that all involved parties are aligned with our goals. We approach this with a perspective that considers the needs and concerns of our dealers. We assured everyone that this change would enhance performance speed without imposing complex processes. While understanding the importance of the big picture, we also value empathy. It's crucial that everyone embraces the change without feeling threatened, and we have garnered support from our dealers as the new system enables them to work 25% faster than before, while the cloud solution completely addresses the need for physical working space. Additionally, we prioritized cyber security during the implementation of this change to ensure the safety of information for both customers and dealers.”

“A crucial ally in our journey is ABeam Consulting (Thailand), which possesses a comprehensive understanding of both digital transformation and Siam Kubota's business—a partner deeply acquainted with our organization. This aligns seamlessly with ABeam Consulting's philosophy of being a 'Real partner,' where collaborative efforts lead to mutual growth. The transformation was undoubtedly challenging and intricate, but ABeam Consulting (Thailand) significantly facilitated the process for us, primarily due to our shared goal in this transformative endeavor.”

According to Rutchaneewan, the success hinges on two crucial factors. “First is the explicit definition of the scope of work. The technological change represented a significant shift in our company, and the extent of its usefulness and success relies on how clearly we define the scope of work to unlock its maximum potential. The second factor is meticulous planning and a focus on the right strategy. SAP is widely recognized as a high-demand technology in the market, yet it is also highly intricate in detail. With thorough planning, clear objectives, and careful management of the transformation process with crucial partners like ABeam, we can seamlessly implement the change without adversely affecting other areas in the organization.”

Jonathan Vargas Ruiz, Director and Head of Mobility and ASEAN Automotive Strategy at ABeam Consulting (Thailand), reflects on the project’s results: "It is important that our clients are open to adapting and investing in new technologies. They need to understand the risks involved but also need to be willing to take them. Transparent communication is key to bringing all moving parts in such a large-scale project together, and working with SKC showed us why they are the No. 1 in the market."

At ABeam Consulting, we have the expertise and tools to support dealers and OEMs in making that transition or to guide them towards the right path. For further information about automotive retailing and dealer management systems, please contact ABeam Consulting at

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