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Thursday, February 29, 2024

Panasonic Provides Products to Support Young Players at Chonburi Academy, Ensuring Enhanced Quality of Life and Safety During Training

Panasonic Group in Thailand and Chonburi F.C. organized an executive team visit to Chonburi Academy in Ban Bueng District, Chonburi Province. On this occasion, the group provided Panasonic products to support young Thai football players, ensuring a good quality of life, convenience, and safety during training as part of the CSR activities under the 'Panasonic Cares' project.

Mr. Hidekazu Ito, CEO of Panasonic Group in Thailand
, said, "Panasonic Cares, a CSR project by Panasonic Group Thailand, is committed to conducting business For the Well-being of People, Society, and the Planet.' This dedication prioritizes sustainable health, safety, and comfort for individuals, society, and all life on Earth in harmony with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The project began with community engagement near Panasonic factories, which included providing LED bulbs to Nam Phong and Ubolratana Hospitals. The group also organized the Panasonic HERO RUN for Charity 2023 to support the Ramathibodi Foundation in the Impoverished Patient’s Aid Project and the Panasonic Cares & FD Green activity for reforestation in Khon Kaen. Furthermore, electrical switches and sockets were upgraded at Ban Chang School in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province, among other activities.

Although Chonburi has no Panasonic factories, the group is closely linked to the province. Panasonic Group in Thailand has been an official sponsor of Chonburi F.C. for two seasons until the present day (2022-2024). Moreover, 'Coach Heng,' Mr. Withaya Laohakul, Technical Director & Head Coach of Chonburi F.C., once played and coached with the 'Panasonic Club' or 'Gamba Osaka,' in which Panasonic Japan is its official partner. This activity strengthens teamwork to help Thai football players reach international success. It reflects Panasonic's 'Making People Before Products' principle, focusing on personnel development. This concept also aligns with Chonburi F.C.'s commitment to nurturing young talents into skilled professional footballers for national progress.

As part of the initiative, the Panasonic Group in Thailand provided Chonburi Academy with high-quality and environmentally friendly Panasonic products, including a 65-inch Smart TV, a washing machine, a refrigerator, 140 sets of 22-watt long LED light bulbs, and 100 pcs. of 14-watt LED Eco light bulbs. The objective is to enhance the well-being, convenience, and safety of young footballers, trainers, and caretakers during their practice sessions. The support encourages them to grow as professional footballers, emerging as a significant force for the future of Thailand.”

Mr. Witthaya Khunpluem, President of Chonburi F.C
. said, "The Chonburi F.C. embarked on its football journey during the era of amateur Thai football and has since evolved into a fully integrated professional system. Over three decades, the club has committed to building a strong foundation from the youth level. It consistently fosters the development, propelling young players to starting lineups and the Thai national team. Implementing this system demands time and a substantial budget. Thus, the support from Panasonic Group in Thailand over two seasons played a pivotal role in laying the foundation.

Recognizing the crucial role of professional football in Thailand, Chonburi Academy was established as a comprehensive youth training center for football in 2008. The main goal is to elevate the quality of life for young football enthusiasts throughout Thailand, helping them become professional footballers capable of generating income to support themselves and their families.”

Mr. Withaya Laohakul
, Technical Director & Head Coach of Chonburi F.C. said, "The Chonburi Academy in Ban Bueng District, Chonburi Province, spans approximately 80 rai of land. The academy features professional-standard football fields for practice and competition, youth development areas, a cafeteria, exercise rooms, bedrooms, a swimming pool, a laundry room, and more. The support from the Panasonic Group in Thailand marks another vital collaboration in developing the academy, ensuring convenience, safety, and proper lighting for enhanced training quality.

Chonburi Academy currently has over 100 youth players aged 12-18. Each year, the academy scouts for young football talents nationwide, selecting those with a passion and skill for the game. It also runs recruitments to attract enthusiastic young players in different provinces. The training focuses on building a strong foundation in football basics and understanding the game's system. With a structured approach for each age group, players learn appropriate skills and strengthen their abilities. Over 16 years, the academy has produced over a hundred notable players, many of whom now play key roles in the Chonburi F.C. and have earned spots in the Thai national team. These players include Worachit Kanitsribumphen, Kritsada Kaman, Channarong Promsrikaew, Sittichok Paso, Saharat Sontisawat, Chatmongkol Rueangthanarot, Pongsakorn Trisart, and many others.


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