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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Community Partnership Association presents 8-year portfolio and promotes 2019 plan, driving Rayong into Eco Industrial Town: Level 3

Community Partnership Association steps forward to its ninth year, joining forces with 5 giant major firms of Map Ta Phut Complex to raise people’s standards of living and develop Rayong into Eco Industrial Town : Level 3.

Mr. Varit Namwong, Vice President of the Community Partnership Association disclosed that the Community Partnership Association (CPA) was founded by a group of major industrial firms in Rayong's Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate with an aim to raise the quality of life, as well as the environmental standard, of the Map Ta Phut Complex which consists of 6 districts, namely Noen Phra, Huai Pong, Map Ta Phut, Thap Ma, Mabkha Pattana, and Ban Chang. Since its establishment in 2011, the CPA has continuously incorporated innovation, technology, and management know-hows into its practice to raise the over living standards of the community, particularly in health, education, social, and economic aspects.

Today, CPA is stepping into its ninth year of operation, and still upholding its determination and dedication to develop Rayong Province into the Level 3 of Eco Industrial Town focusing with an emphasis on Resources Efficiency. In this occasion, the CPA hosts a celebratory event “The 9th Year of CPA: Co-creation for Sustainability” during which there would also be a special ceremony that government officials and industrial entrepreneurs declare their resolve to commit and cooperate commitment and cooperation with the association for the common goal of co-creating an Eco Industrial Town.

Presiding over the ceremony is Mr. Teerawat Sudsook, Vice Governor of Rayong. Key persons in attendance include Mr.Pratheep Aengchuan, Assistant to Governor of the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand, and top executives from five founding companies - PTT Group, SCG Group. BLCP Power Limited, Dow Thailand Group, and Glow Energy Public Company Limited. Additionally, there would be an exhibition detailing the CPA performance and showcasing 13 community enterprises products under the CPA-Thammasat Model Project.

Mr. Varit further revealed that throughout the past 8 years, the CPA has continuously organized over 20 projects and activities for sustainable development in order to drive Rayong to become an Eco Industrial Town following 5 evaluation dimensions, which are physical, social, economic, environmental, and management dimensions. CPA has also taken up the role of a mediator who coordinate and encourage the collaboration between government organizations, private companies, and local community to co-create an environmentally-friendly industrial estate in Map Ta Phut where people and manufactures can co-exist peacefully and sustainably. Projects and activities constructed by the CPA can be divided into four categorized as follows:

Education Projects – Believing that providing youth with proper education is the critical foundation for the future of the country, the CPA has carried out multiple educational programs with a hope that students would value and love their homeland and would put their skills and knowledge into good use. These educational projects are CPA Tutor Project, V-Camp Project, CPA Nursing Scholarship Project, and Bachelor’s Degree Scholarship Project which has granted scholarships for 213 students over the past 8 years, totaling 50 million baht.

Health Projects – There are Mobile Medical Unit Program; Medical Personnel Sponsorship Program; CPA Nursing Scholarship Project, which has granted scholarships for 440 nursing students in Rayong. And once graduated, these students will take up positions at hospitals in Rayong by the year 2021; and Skill-Enhancing Project for Public Health Volunteers. Furthermore, the CPA has provided basic medical equipment for local hospitals to reduce health issues within the community

Economic Projects – Raising the quality of life of the people in the community is one of CPA’s primary missions by encouraging the townsfolks to have a thriving career and become more independent. Thus, the CPA has supported and strengthened the formation of community enterprises which is also one of the 12 “Pracharat” policies of the government. To devise and develop business structure for the community, as well as creating a brand for each community enterprise, the CPA has joined forces with the Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy, Thammasat University, and initiated the “CPA-Thammasat Model” Project. The project, which has been ongoing for 3 years, has developed a total of 21 community enterprises. And the fourth generation is currently working with 8 additional community enterprises.

Environmental Activities – The CPA has consistently raised awareness among the industrial factories regarding the environment. One of the most important agreements for CPA members is that each factory must be enlisted for Eco Factory Evaluation. In 2019, it is expected that all 76 factories under the CPA will pass the evaluation to become Eco Factories. This number is the highest of every industrial estate in Thailand. As for the civil society, following the guidelines of the Department of Environmental Quality under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the CPA has supported the development of Eco Temples and Eco Schools, with Wat Krok Yai Cha School as the pilot project, in order to propel Rayong to be an Eco Industrial Town, and eventually a Green City.

Mr. Varit added that in 2019, CPA is planning to drive Rayong forward to be an Eco Industrial Town: Level 3 which focuses on Resources Efficiency – maximizing the benefits of the limited resources while also minimizing the impact on the environment – through SHE-WE Model: Social, Health, Environment, Welfare, and Education. The association is also aiming to have 100% of its member factories or all 76 industrial factories to pass the Eco Factory Evaluation, fulfilling its goal of sustainable growth and harmonious coexistence between the industry and the community.

“Over the past eight years, the Community Partnership Association has worked with various organizations within the region in order to create a better change for Rayong Province. Our approach is ‘Slowly but Surely’ by strengthening the community, creating fulfilling careers, and supporting self-independency of the people by the help of experts from the companies in the industrial estate. The CPA also heavily emphasized on the importance of education. We granted scholarships to students and invited famous tutors from across the country to teach the students. Environmentally-speaking, we always take good care of the green space in the area to ensure that both the standards of living and environment in Rayong are prospering,” Mr. Varit concluded.

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