Nova BUILD EXPO 2023: The Global Exhibition for Building Innovations and Conference for Sustainability Solutions The show expects to boost billions of capitals into the economy - Siam Outlook


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Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Nova BUILD EXPO 2023: The Global Exhibition for Building Innovations and Conference for Sustainability Solutions The show expects to boost billions of capitals into the economy

(13 Sept 2023) Get ready! Nova BUILD EXPO 2023, the global exhibition for building innovations, was presided by Dr. Arthit Ourairat, President of Rangsit University. EEC Academy, along with its partners, is set to unveil a multitude of innovations in building, design, and construction products related to the construction and structure industry. In its pursuit of ushering in a new era of building innovations, the exhibition will focus on three key elements known as ESI: E-Ecosystem (Buildings with an emphasis on environmental protection), S-Sustainability (Buildings that bear responsibility to our world and communities), and I-Innovation for Well-being (Buildings designed to enhance the quality of life and efficiency). Furthermore, the exhibition will feature panel discussions led by thought leaders from various fields, including architecture, engineering, management, building technology, real estate, and urban planning. The goal is to foster a more environmentally friendly and sustainable world. The event will take place from September 13th to 15th at Halls 103-104, BITEC, Bangkok, Thailand. The event welcomes over 10,000 visitors and is expected to generate revenues in the billions.

Dr. Kecha Thirakomen, President of Nova BUILD, revealed that the exhibition's purpose is to bring together technology and innovations aligned with ESI. It aims to foster connections between innovation owners and visitors seeking innovations under the concept 'Connect the I Dots,' with the goal of ensuring real-world applications for these innovations. In this regard, ESI, which aligns with the ESG policy in every industrial sector, will inevitably influence construction design. It is considered a new dimension for construction design to embrace, or it will face disruption. Currently, a new generation of construction design businesses is experiencing rapid growth by delivering environmentally friendly building models that prioritize health. For instance, the new generation of hospital buildings focuses on health, prevention, rehabilitation, and patient-centered care. Patient rooms, that resembles a hotel room, are transformed, and designed with a focus on relaxation, infection prevention, and effective recovery. Design companies that understand green building principles, LEED, TREES, and WELL standards are becoming the preferred choice of project owners.

Kittikoon Gajaseni, Executive Director of Nova BUILD, stated that the show received support from 37 partner organizations, including professionals, academics, government entities, and businesses. Visitors will enjoy four significant benefits. Firstly, they will have access to design innovation and exceptional know-how in one location, encompassing fields such as architecture, engineering, management, building technology, as well as real estate and urban planning. Secondly, they will have the opportunity to build networks, fostering connections with industry professionals who engage in activities and knowledge-sharing through seminars, roundtable forums, and booths hosted by associations and institutions. Thirdly, visitors can experience the latest innovations firsthand at the Innovation Pavilions, which showcase innovations like HVLS fans, Culvert Utility Boxes, Radiant Floor Cooling, Smart Home solutions, Circadian Lighting, Clean Air and Clean Water, and IoT devices. Fourthly, attendees will meet with innovators and exhibitors at over 123 booths, each equipped with products and solutions to address various building needs.

Chanon Ekarattanakul, Project Executive Director, revealed that Nova BUILD EXPO serves as a global innovation platform featuring 120 companies dedicated to supporting eco-friendly residential buildings. These buildings often require both local and international certifications, including LEED, WELL, and TREES standards. The showcased building innovations aim to strengthen key aspects of these standards, such as water conservation, energy efficiency, the selection of green building materials, and enhancements in indoor environmental quality, including lighting, air quality, water quality, sound quality, and temperature quality.

Activities at the event are highlighted on the Main Stage, Professional Stage, and seminar rooms organized for Carbon Day and Clean Air Day. Each topic offers engaging and valuable content that is rarely found elsewhere. Visitors can immerse themselves in these topics over the course of the three-day event, which has attracted 10,000 attendees and is expected to generate billions of baht in income.

Some of the highlighted activities and global innovation launches for the first time in Thailand :

• Seminar on ‘How For can Eco-friendly Real Estates Go?” during the opening ceremony by Ponnaris Chuanchaisit, President of the Thai Real Estate Association, Kittiphan Uiyamaphan from Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited, Suebphong Kiatwisanchai from Siam Sindhorn Company Limited, with Chakraphan Phawangkarat as host of the session.

• The inspirational discussion, ESI Talk, serves as a platform to revolutionize communication within the building industry. Thought leaders will translate complex scientific concepts into easily understandable messages within just 15 minutes. The session includes Prof. Dr. Ae-Suchatwee. Suwansawat, on the subject: “Believe You Can Change Your Society”, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Singh Intrachooto, subject: “Nature Positive, Carbon Negative”, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Seri Supharatit, subject: “The Future is NOW”, Rit Tee Rakomen, subject: “Behind Success is Idea and Curiosity,” and Dr. Karndee Leopairot, subject: “The Future Redefined,”, defining how the future is changing.

• The Round Table Forum, featuring 6 topics that brought together over 50 experts with the knowledge and capabilities to address urban challenges across the country. These topics included initiatives to transform city canals and waterways into recreational areas within a span of three years. Additionally, strategies for efficient waste separation and recycling in urban communities and the development of sustainable and green walking streets will be discussed.

• The seminar on “Why the Whole World is Talking About Carbon?” by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Singh Intrachooto and Dr. Phongwipha Lorsomboon, with Kittikhun Kotchaseni as moderator.

• The "Nova Stage of Designer Award" will be presented at the event, aiming to impart the concepts of ESI – Ecosystem, Sustainability, and Innovation for Wellbeing in students. In this contest, the final nine teams are tasked with presenting new and creative design ideas. They will need to present their ideas and respond to questions from experts, with only one team emerging as the winner.

• During the three days, visitors can explore world-class technological innovations, including Unisus Green Energy, the leading expert in designing future city utilities for the first in Thailand. They will showcase innovations like the Central Cooling System and the drinking water distribution system for every home. Attendees can also discover cutting-edge technologies such as GRAPHENE, an environmentally friendly chemical, and the hydrogen battery of the future. Additionally, there will be the Lightning Monitor innovation, which can predict with up to 95% accuracy, the world's fastest building construction technology that can build in just two weeks, and the world's fastest elevator, the Hyundai Elevator.

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