POP MART, the world's leading Art Toys brand, announces the official launch of its first flagship store in Thailand, set to open on September 20th, 2023 at CentralWorld. - Siam Outlook


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Saturday, September 23, 2023

POP MART, the world's leading Art Toys brand, announces the official launch of its first flagship store in Thailand, set to open on September 20th, 2023 at CentralWorld.

Currently, the trend of collectible Art Toys in the form of 'Blind Box/Mystery Box' has emerged as a new sensation, bringing vibrant excitement to toy enthusiasts and collectors worldwide. This cultural phenomenon has given rise to a whole new global cultural movement known as 'Pop Culture Art Toys,' with the top-ranking brand 'POP MART' leading the way, creating this remarkable phenomenon on the global stage.

Mr. Justin Moon, President of POP MART International, recently revealed that POP MART has entered into a strategic partnership with Minor Lifestyle, one of the largest lifestyle product distributors in the country. They have unveiled the grand opening of their first flagship store in Thailand, which is set to make its official debut on September 20th, 2023 at CentralWorld.

This flagship store opening is set to deliver an extraordinary and exclusive experience to collectors in Thailand. Through the presentation of iconic characters and unique creations born from innovative design ideas, it captures the hearts of people worldwide by the result of collaborations with renowned artists and designers on a global scale, including…


MOLLY was created in 2006 by Kenny Wong, a Hong Kong, Chinese artist and fashion designer. The first-generation MOLLY was inspired by the image of a child, with a pair of big lake-green eyes and a proud pouting mouth. She was wearing a painter’s hat and robe, holding a painting tool in her hand. The image of a young painter was born. Her stubbornness, cute, intelligent, proud, charming personality image, and constantly-changing shapes, continuously captivated a group of fans leading to her becoming one of the iconic character.


SKULLPANDA can freely shuttle through the universe, with an astronaut helmet and two spherical braids, which are symbols of SKULLPANDA. SKULLPANDA is not a standard little cute IP, it comes with small thick legs and thick lips, but from time to time the expression of cynicism can be noticed. SKULLPANDA’s exquisite makeup design becomes everyone’s favorite and it attracts players to imitate SKULLPANDA’s makeup and COSPLAY it every time it is launched.


Laughing is not the only way to make you feel better, crying can also cure you. If one day a smile can’t solve your problem, baby. Let’s start crying. Sometimes crying is a good thing. Every CRYBABY cries for different reasons because we have millions of reasons to cry! CRYBABY is not a boy or a girl, it’s not even just a human, it represents a feeling of a heart. Deep emotions.


The DIMOO WORLD series is full of dreamy beauty. Unfolded by a little boy named DIMOO. DIMOO in real life is confused and shy. After entering the mysterious dream world, he met various friends and grow together with them. Through Ayan’s paintings and creations, the vast worldview of the DIMOO WORLD series is gradually presented to everyone, interpreting her understanding of life. In DIMOO’s dream, he met Mother Cloud. Mother Cloud is surrounded by many colorful small clouds. Baby Cloud can transform into thousands of shapes. Baby Clouds also learn how to make small expressions from DIMOO


Time will go by, personality will change, and the body will age. Only those emotions and states that are revealed in an instant are our true selves. So, the inherent freedom, innocence, sadness, kindness, pain, joy, and cowardice are sometimes hidden by us under social attributes. Artist Lang transformed this sensitivity into inspiration and created HIRONO. Through diverse media such as painting, sculpture, fashion, and animation HIRONO has created a lively and grand emotional.


In 2005, Kasing’s personal style was highlighted in his works. It became increasingly apparent that he began to create his own characters and world. Black and white lines with wild and bold strokes, lead to the creation of one of the most well-known series in Kasing’s works – THE MONSTERS. Among the numerous images of THE MONSTERS, Labubu with Long ears and a Skeleton Tycoco is Kasing’s favorite

POP MART flagship store in Thailand locates on the 1st floor of Central World and spans over 169 square meters. It has been designed with various zones and the brand offers full excitement, such as

• Blind Box Collections, the most rare collections that everyone is looking for.

• The most special limited is SKULLPANDA Hoar Frost Thailand Limited Edition with only 140 pcs available at the Flagship Store Central World Thailand.

• Opening limited which are only available during opening period including SKULLPANDA Dark Maid Figurine, Labubu Diver’s Manual, Labubu Shepherd Figurine, Hirono Unknown journey and many more

• MEGA COLLECTION including MEGA SPACE MOLLY 400% & 1000%

• Other excitements such as POP BEAN, Big Figure and Inner Flow Collection

For more information about POP MART THAILAND, you can visit our social media in various platform

Facebook : facebook.com/popmartth

Instagram : instagram.com/popmartth

Twitter : twitter.com/popmartth

Tiktok : tiktok.com/@popmartth


POP MART is one of the most popular art toy brands that is a hot favourite amongst the younger generation today. Known for its extensive collection of Blind Boxes – a sealed packaging that keeps the contents of the figurine mysterious to its new owners – POP MART breaks the stereotype that toys are only for children. Since 2021, POP MART has also expanded to the high-end art toy market and introduced MEGA Collections to satisfy various art toy collectors’ interests.

The company has worked with world renowned brands, such as Disney, Sanrio, Warner Bros. among others, and famous designers like Kenny, Pucky and Kasing Lung to launch a multitude of pop culture products based on classic characters that appeal to its pool of loyal customers. As a valuable support to the foundation of the designer toy market, POP MART has also enhanced its customer user experience through mini-games and applets to further entice its clients.

PDC (POP Design Center) was founded in 2017 and focuses on original Intellectual Property (IP), as part of POP MART’s global artist development and IP operation plans. PDC has attracted many talented artists from the robust media and entertainment industries. With its abundant resources and professional product teams, PDC has nurtured many budding artists to create their own IPs that have won the hearts of many fans around the world through their unique characteristics.

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