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Wednesday, May 8, 2024

ABeam Consulting helps businesses get future-ready with application modernization

ABeam Consulting helps businesses get future-ready
with application modernization
A step towards application modernization is crucial for businesses to maintain competitive edges, performance, and customer satisfaction

(Bangkok, Thailand) With the rapid move in digital transformation towards modernization and cloud platforms, a profound impact is increasingly felt in the business world when it comes to customer satisfaction, performance, and maintaining a competitive edge. Keeping up with emerging technological advances can be time and resource-intensive, yet failing to do so is also not an option.

On the technical front, it is a huge undertaking to contend with the legacy infrastructure, data center technology, and ecosystems to ensure delivery continuity. Even more important, however, is the significant implications for the bottom line. Businesses are increasingly keen to take advantage of new developments to address this issue. The market size of application modernization services, according to a survey by Global Market Insight (GMI), is projected to grow by over 10% CAGR from 2023 to 2032 for the following reasons:

• Rising need to save cost (e.g., in maintaining legacy apps)

• The need to reduce the complexity of the algorithm

• Increasing speed to market to adapt

• Rapid technology development

• Regulatory compliance

• Provide competitiveness and better customer experience by adapting to evolving standards of user experience

Application modernization is the process of updating legacy applications for newer approaches to computing, including newer frameworks, languages, and infrastructure platforms. Following a correct procedure is crucially important for the success of any application modernization effort. According to Fortinet, 74% of companies have failed to sustain the move of applications onto the cloud. When unsuccessful, they revert to traditional internal setups, known as On Premise. In other words, modernization is not as simple as mere migration.

Beginning the process with a proper assessment of legacy applications could have helped mitigate the failure, as it would ensure that the modernization plan to be focused, cost-effective, and aligned with business goals. The problem remains, however, that many IT organizations do not have enough talent available to manage this process smoothly.

A robust process containing carefully considered steps is at the heart of ABeam Consulting’s approach to application modernization, which uniquely aligns technical requirements with business needs. ABeam Consulting specializes in a systematic process of modernization using continuous development and an iterative approach for identifying, prioritizing, and transforming digital solutions and improving business support.

Updating and modernizing applications does not only maintain organizations’ competitive edge but also plays a crucial strategic role in enhancing efficiency, performance strength, consumer experience, and growth opportunities for businesses that are facing challenges and complications with the fast-paced digital transformation in the current business landscape. Collaborations with experienced and knowledgeable experts are crucial in building sustainable success.


About ABeam Consulting (Thailand) Ltd.

ABeam Consulting (Thailand) Ltd. is a subsidiary of ABeam Consulting Ltd. – headquartered in Tokyo, with roughly 7,500 richly professional, experienced consultants who have served clients throughout Asia, the Americas, and Europe, providing consulting services in Thailand since 2005. ABeam Consulting (Thailand) has more than 450 professionals serving clients in Thailand with expertise in a wide range of consulting services, including strategy, BPR, IT, Human Capital Management, Outsourcing, SAP Consulting, ESG, and Operational service expertise. We create the future together with corporations and other organizations. As a creative partner leading the way reliably through change, we contribute to industrial and societal change.

Please contact us at thabmarketing@abeam.com or visit https://www.abeam.com/th/en for more details.

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