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Monday, September 23, 2019

The Deep Love & Devotion of the Arts Leads to the Woven Masterpiece – Quillberry

A masterpiece generated from the deep love and devotion of the arts from Met Hengtrakul – founder and creative director of the luxury exotic brand, Mettique, had birthed another pièce de résistance– Quillberry. Brimmed with woven meticulousness, this new sister brand reflects the exquisite mastery of craftsmanship, from the delicate details of sophistication to the diverse functionality that the bag serves.

The appellation “Quillberry” is a merge between the two words, “Quill” and “Berry” that both reflects the brand’s utter quintessence. “Quill” is a feather writing tool has been used in Europe since the Classical Era and was popularized until the 15th century due to its sharp precise rhythm and flexibility of functionality. Similarly, Quillberry bags offer various functions with its purely natural feather-weight material, ensuring the highest quality of craftsmanship of Thai masters who have over 25 years of weaving experience. As for “Berry,” a superfood burst with freshness and youthful nutrition, reflects the brand’s youthful aura radiating from every piece into the wearers and the unique crisp designs that scream classic and sophistication.

Met Hengtrakul, the founder and creative director of Mettique and Quillberry said “I drew inspiration from my business knowledge, combining with my long family history and expertise in the world of sewing and leather – I had foreseen the market gap for luxury exotic leather in Thailand, which had led to the establishment of the world-class brand, Mettique. For these past two years, I have wanted to expand the brand with the usage of another elegant yet durable material for an accessible price in combination with the delicate weavings of Thai expertise. With this artistic concept in mind, I have formed the brand Quillberry.”

Another unique essence of Quillberry is the exquisite curation of Raffia Fibre Cords that is eccentric in the weaving of each of the brand’s piece. Fabricate from the veins of palm trees that are available only in certain regions of Africa, the raffia material is 100% natural and sustainable due to the lack of chemical processing. Quillberry is also the first brand to bring about the usage of raffia into Thailand in order to create an aesthetic sensation made from the hands of Thai local craftsman. Unlike rattan materials, whose structure is rougher and much more rigid offering more limitations to designers, raffia is much lighter, more flexible substance and even waterproof; therefore, allowing designers especially in the high fashion industry to unleash their limitless artistry.

The attention to details throughout the whole process start since the selection of the material and down towards into the intricate weaving takes place within the home factory of both Quillberry and Mettique called The Atelier Co., Ltd. Since Quillberry strictly follows the “No Outsource Policy” and goes through the austere Atelier standard quality check, every paragon presents an outstanding and graceful hand-woven design in an exceptional level.

With the passionate details and classic motifs, Quillberry is suitable amongst women of all ages who would like to add a sense of chicness and sophistication to their everyday look. Simultaneously, the brand also offers timeless pieces that appeal to gentlemen, ranging from messenger bags to classic minimalistic wallets that still maintain the brand’s concept of supporting an array of lifestyle and diverse functionality. Due to the invaluable know-how of Thai craftsman that have been passed down through generations making every masterwork incomparable unlike any other, the brand has become a fascination amongst Japanese, Korean, and other foreign admirers as well. For that reason, we want to relay Quillberry’s ravishing stories towards our Thai wearers in order to take you to a world of extreme and elegant refinery. Discover the best available product such as the Around The World Tote, the City Hand Bag, Chloe’s Rucksack, and many more.

The timeless beauty from the impeccable craftsmanship is now available at the Quillberry pop-up store in Gaysorn 2nd floor until 8 January 2020 and Central Embassy on the L2 floor or through

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