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Thursday, March 14, 2024

Schneider Electric unlocks the potential of Thai organizations towards sustainability with digital technology, software and AI.

Schneider Electric
, the global leader in the digital transformation of energy management, automation and sustainability, reveals its overall revenue for 2023 totaled about 35,902 million euros, reflecting a growth of around 13 percent (Organic). Schneider Electric's electrification, digitalization, and automation solutions consistently reduce customers' emissions; in 2023 alone, 112 million tons of CO2 were prevented or saved. In line with the research results of the Green Action Gap survey, Schneider Electric will continue partnering with organizations in Thailand.

Mongkhon Tangsiriwit, Cluster President of Schneider Electric, Thailand, Laos and Myanmar disclosed that Schneider Electric's global operating results for 2023 increased to 35,902 million euros, indicating an organic growth of 13 percent. "By 2023 alone, we could help customers globally in reducing carbon emissions by 112 million tons."

The problem of climate change is a huge challenge that requires collaboration across all organizational levels. In order to achieve sustainability more efficiently, Schneider Electric conducted a sustainability goals survey which gathered the viewpoints of over 4,500 corporate leaders in 9 countries and 500 across organizations in Thailand to collect the perspectives of Asian business leaders on sustainability and the environment. The survey was conducted in collaboration with Milieu Insight, a data analysis and research company. By having middle to senior executives in the private sector respond to 30 sustainability-related questions. Including the impact on their businesses across the following countries: Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam and Thailand.

Mr. Mongkhon said “The survey found some interesting information and figures, including the fact that over 90 percent of businesses acknowledge that digital transformation is a crucial sustainability driver." Many organizations also focus on energy efficiency as a fundamental component of their sustainable strategies.”

The findings of the survey also indicated that climate change affects energy supply or demand by 44 percent and the ability to recover around 41 percent, especially preliminary projects or technology implemented by companies to meet the energy goals including energy and resource efficiency at 51 percent and on-site renewable energy and digitization of systems and operations 43 percent.

Many organizations consider that sustainability generates new business opportunities by 44 percent, creating innovation and competitiveness by 42 percent, resulting cost reduction, saving and financial benefits up to 38 percent.

In Thailand, 98 percent of respondents indicated that their organizations have sustainability plans and objectives; however, only 53 percent have clearly implemented a comprehensive sustainability strategy, resulting in "Green Gap" that 45 percent of them have been implemented yet.

Schneider Electric is committed to innovations supporting sustainability, enhance its software portfolio. In addition to EcoStruxure, that strengthens and boost efficiency in sustainability for customers, such as AVEVA, IGE+XAO and ETAP for those who primarily use electrical power systems, and RIB software, Planon for buildings, etc. These offerings aim to provide customers across all industries with a comprehensive experience as they navigate the journey towards sustainability.

Mr. Mongkhon said, “Schneider Electric is positioned to become an industrial technology company that provides software and solutions to cater to the requirements of enterprises. From planning, designing and building, to operating in a sustainable manner. In addition, it has invested in AI and machine learning technologies to help clients in providing energy and sustainability consulting services. It provides an in-depth vision and analysis into the company's energy and sustainability portfolio.

Schneider Electric is committed to be a digital partner for customers in driving sustainability and efficiency. In 2022, The Green Heroes for Life campaign, which was launched in 2022, aims to encourage institutions, enterprises, and citizens to engage in sustainable practices.

Schneider Electric has recently launched the Impact Maker campaign, that encourages the collaboration of organizations to take part in the change and create a more sustainable world, with the ultimate aim of reducing the remaining Green Gap. At Schneider Electric, we are honored to partner with IMPACT Makers and shine a light on their achievements. Together, let’s take action to IMPACT our business, community, environment and planet for today and tomorrow.


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