D-nee introduces the “D-nee Deluxe” in response to the senior population trend to successfully penetrate the silver age target group with two new products: body lotion and liquid detergent. - Siam Outlook


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Saturday, March 16, 2024

D-nee introduces the “D-nee Deluxe” in response to the senior population trend to successfully penetrate the silver age target group with two new products: body lotion and liquid detergent.

D-nee is the brand that truly understands the demands of silver age consumers who seek options that are as safe and mild for their sensitive skin as products that are suitable for children's skin. D-nee leads the market in baby products emphasizing on innovation to meet the needs of all family members, particularly those with sensitive skin, under the Neo Corporation Public Company Limited, a leading Thai consumer products manufacturer with worldwide recognition. In response to the needs of the senior population, D-nee recently introduced "D-nee Deluxe", the two latest products developed for all family members, especially the elderly. The D-nee Deluxe Liquid Detergent that removes unpleasant smells while providing a clean, gentle wash, and the D-nee Deluxe Body Lotion that nourishes and moisturizes the skin to deliver long-lasting moisture. The event was attended by Dr. Chanikarn Tepparos, MD of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine as an honored guest to speak about skin conditions that affect the elderly as well as helpful self-care advice, along with celebrity guests Tor - Saksit Vejsupaporn and his mother, Thanaporn Vejsupaporn on 15 March 2024 at The Okura Prestige Bangkok.

Sirisupa Ajsonjorn, Chief Marketing Officer of Neo Corporate Public Company Limited
said, “Thailand’s society today consists of a significant senior representation ranking 3rd in Asia for having the highest population of senior citizens*. This is predicted to increase in the next 15 years when the percentage of the population over 60 years old reaches 28 percent and we will enter a super aged society.

As a leading brand in baby products with an emphasis on innovative products to meet the needs of all family members, particularly those with sensitive skin, D-nee has expanded its target market to include senior citizens in order to develop new products that answer the needs of people in the silver age who commonly experience problems as a result of aging. Due to natural aging and long term exposure of the epidermis, the body's functions and skin begin to change, causing the skin to become increasingly dry and irritated, which also leads to body odor and other unpleasant smells that stick to clothing. This often prompts senior consumers to start looking for products that directly address their concerns as well as choosing products that are gentle and skin-safe,” she said.

“However, it was found through internal data collected from silver age customers that individuals' skin changes with age. The necessity for upkeep on weak skin is the same as that of newborn skin. As a result, a lot of older individuals start to use products designed for babies. D-nee identified this opportunity and wants its senior customers to be able to use the best products. We conducted research and developed two new products specifically to satisfy the needs of this market. The first is D-nee Deluxe Liquid Detergent, a product created especially to help seniors remove unpleasant odors using Japanese persimmon extract discovered to have the best odor-eliminating qualities. The second is D-nee Deluxe Body Lotion, a gentle lotion that doesn't irritate the skin or cause allergic responses and is suitable for mature skin types or those with sensitive skin that are prone to irritation,” she added.

New! D-nee Deluxe Liquid Detergent
: containing natural enzyme extracts in a mild and clean composition to remove deep stains. Its natural biodegradability makes it environmentally friendly with it being devoid of any harmful chemicals such as parabens, synthetic dyes or bleaches. With natural organic ingredients comprising aloe vera combined with Japanese persimmon extract, it has the ability to assist in eliminating of a wide range of odors, such as body odor, perspiration, urine, must, massage oil, hair oil, as well as removing the six most persistent stains including food, oil, saliva, coffee, tea, urine, and feces. There are two pleasant smelling scents to choose from: Morning Delight (blue packaging) which smells clean and fresh like morning sunshine, and Beauty Dream (pink packaging) which smells fresh and sweet like a pleasant dream. Both come in a 1,100 ml capacity with an easy-to-turn on and off cap, and are priced at 209 Baht.

New! D-nee Deluxe Body Lotion
: a body lotion developed specifically for sensitive skin that combines 3 types of ceramides and 8 types of hyaluronic acid to effectively nourish and revitalize dry, irritated, or dehydrated skin. It contains vitamin E which gives skin a 48-hour boost of moisture that’s quickly absorbed with no sticky residue, leaving the skin feeling smooth and silky. It’s safe for all the family’s skin types including babies and those with sensitive skin. D-nee Deluxe Body Lotion comes in a handy 450 ml pump bottle and is priced at 279 Baht.

Give your loved ones high-quality products that satisfy the demands of the silver age with D-nee Deluxe Liquid Detergent and D-nee Deluxe Body Lotion. Now available at all leading department stores, convenience stores, supermarkets, online stores and LINE@NEOdealDD. Follow for additional details, or sign up to the D-nee club to get more information and benefits, and follow for more fun activities at www.facebook/Dneethailand

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*Information from Nielsen Thailand

About the company

Neo Corporate Public Company Limited is a leading Thai’s consumer goods company with a commitment to be Asia’s innovative FMCG company who aims to uplift consumers’ quality of life via product innovations under the slogan “Uplift the Essentials for Everyday Betterment”. With over 34 years of experience in the market, the company has 3 distinctive segments: Household Products, Personal Care Products, and Baby and Kids Products; under 8 renowned brands: Fineline, D-nee, BeNice, TROS, Eversense, Vivite, Smart, and Tomi.


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