CPRAM announces 2021 strategy responding to the world’s mega trend moving forward to deliver safe foods together with Thai people to go through COVID-19 crisis. - Siam Outlook


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Thursday, February 18, 2021

CPRAM announces 2021 strategy responding to the world’s mega trend moving forward to deliver safe foods together with Thai people to go through COVID-19 crisis.


CPRAM Co., Ltd., world class manufacturer and distributor of ready to eat foods, continues to become the leader of Food Provider in Thailand. Familiar products found in modern retailers include ready to eat meals, rice rolls, onigiri, steamed buns, Chinese steamed dumpling and Le Pan brand bakery. CPRAM joined forces together with convenient store 7-Eleven to drive the strategy “Full Value” fighting the current economy resulted from Corona Virus 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic in the last year and aim to expand 10% more market in 2021. In addition, CPRAM has expedited the sustainable development in accordance and support to Charoen Pokphand Group’s sustainable growth goal as well as to be Thailand’s 1st company to launch 5 new product categories under “VG for Love” brand which is food for consumers who mainly consume plant based diet.

Mr. Wisade Wisidwinyoo, CPRAM Co., Ltd.’s managing director, said that 2020 was the year with global economic crisis affected from Corona Virus (COVID-19) pandemic, Thai economy was also impacted in similar way, many businesses slowed down and many businesses had to close down. The government deemed necessary to release multiple measures to stimulate the economy. CPRAM had coordinated with convenient store 7-Eleven to run the “Full Value” menu project that included general ready to eat meals at normal price that were delicious and in big enough portion for one meal either in one box or one piece in which the company received good feedback from the consumers. Not only the “Full Value” project had helped to reduce the consumers’ cost of living, it further drove the food supply chain under CPRAM’s management to continue under ongoing economic crisis. CPRAM’s staffs and our partners staffs throughout the supply chain could continue to work at normal pace without laying off or reducing working hour. This project was focused mainly to benefit the society rather than expecting economic result. Although CPRAM was not able to achieve the set sales target in 2020 but the company continued to keep the sales value in the same level as in year 2019. Moreover, the organization was still able to accomplish other goals such as achieving over 338 items of product development and receiving over 13 honorable rewards.

In 2021, CPRAM anticipates that the worldwide economic crisis resulted from Corona Virus 2019 (COVID-19) will remain but should subside from quarter three onward. The “Full Value” menu project is still the main strategy to expand the market for CPRAM by another 50%. The goal is still on the emphasis on supporting society rather than economic goal. CPRAM has set the overall market expansion at 10% from previous year to be 21,310 million Baht in 2021. The new bakery factory will be established in Chonburi province with the investment capital of over 2,000 million Baht with production capacity of 1.2 million pieces per day. This new facility set up will be finished and opened in mid-2022 and this will be the 6th bakery plant or 16th CPRAM’s plant.

In addition, CPRAM has established the target on sustainable development according to the goal of United Nation Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG) and Charoen Pokphand Group in all aspects. The outstanding project is for example “Partner Farming” which is the project that emphasizes on the importance of farmers as a life partner and progresses under the guideline of Food3S. CPRAM has advised and promoted plantation to partner farmers and shared the agriculture technology and harvesting process giving high yield per planting field. When the crop is ready, CPRAM also purchases at higher price compared to the market. For 2021 project, CPRAM will further implement the result to other type of vegetable farmers such as Chinese kale. By doing this project, CPRAM can raise the number of partner farmers by 30% and increase the sales value of agriculture products by 10%. Furthermore, “Free Education, Earn Income (Panyapiwat-CPRAM)” project is another project that CPRAM realizes the significance of free education for youth and consequently set up Panyapiwat-CPRAM Learning center. The program offers vocational certificate level education in commercial course and industrial course using the syllabus from the Office of the Vocational Education Commission. The learning is based on bilateral system in both theory and field training focusing on direct experience that reflects primarily on the requirement of the organization. The objectives for 2021 are to award 60 full scholarships while the students can earn 100% income during their study and for graduated students to have 100% career support after graduation.

Mr. Wisade added that Thai and global societies’ trend has now moved toward consuming health foods while conserving the environment for the balance throughout food supply chain, CPRAM has developed new product groups that respond to the specific consumers’ need. Currently, new ready to eat products under brand “VG for Love” have already been launched. The new food group is for consumers that mainly consume “Plant Based Diet” with the lifestyle in accordance of 4 loves which are love for good health, love for animal, love for the environment and love for the earth to create balance in the food chain. “VG for Love” divides foods into 5 categories comprising of 1. Vegen-J, 2. Vegan, 3. Lacto Veggie, 4. Ovo Veggie and 5. Lacto-Ovo Veggie. The products are packed in the “Blue” sealed container to retain the freshness, cleanliness and highest food safety standard. The “Blue” packaging has been designed based on the concept of the “Blue Planet”. Our earth is the only planet in the solar system that is blue when looked from out of space. Moreover, blue color is in contrast of the food reflecting food safety and free from any contaminant. “VG for Love” is now distributed through sales channel in Makro, 7-Eleven (online) and other modern retailers in Bangkok and its vicinity. The point of sales will further be expanded to cover across the country soon.

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